WCA Inter Global

Member Benefits

Partners all round the world : As a truly global network, WCA Inter Global offers its members top-quality partners the world over – more than member offices in countries. No matter where you need to send a shipment, you'll find the right agent you can rely on. WCA Inter Global works tirelessly to identify the right partners/agents for members. Our senior staff have vast experience and will help members to make long-standing relationships that can work together.

Financial Protection Program: WCA Inter Global offers a security structure covering each member with the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program in case of non-payment from another WCA Inter Global member or a WCA member for up to USD 100,000. This security structure will provide you with a safety net and will permit all members to work with one another with peace of mind and complete financial security.

Annual Conference: WCA Inter Global's Annual Conference is the networking forum where pre-qualified freight forwarders from around the world come to look for partners/agents. With our famous ONE-ON-ONE MEETING SCHEDULER™, delegates can make pre-arranged appointments with their potential partners/agents from specific cities before they leave their office. On the way to the meeting members already have the meeting schedule and can research their appointments before they meet. This is where you can meet a world of forwarders in one room, saving you thousands of dollars in travelling alone.

Accreditation: WCA Inter Global takes a long, close look at any application for membership it receives. Every potential member is individually examined, usually with a visit from senior network staff, for financial strength and experience and most applications are rejected. Every member has to sign and adhere to a simple but strictly enforced Code of Ethics which forbids members from backselling or seeking competitive bids from other member in the same market.

Regional offices and qualified full-time staff: WCA operates Regional Service Centers worldwide in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Miami, Mumbai and Shanghai. There are more than 80 full-time experienced staff to service members in all time zones. All senior staff have extensive background in forwarding and networking

All World Shipping's US FMC and China MoC-approved Bill of Lading: WCA Inter Global members are automatically entitled to apply as authorised agents of All World Shipping, which provides you access to an FMC-licensed Ocean Bill of Lading and usage of the Automated Manifest System (AMS) for exports to the United States and is a legal Bill of Lading for China . Among the most important benefits of participation are the superior service contract rates negotiated by AWS on behalf of the group.

Dispute Resolution and Advisory Capacity: WCA Inter Global's experienced management team is intimately involved in resolving member problems and disagreements which with the quality of our members are rare.

WCA Logistics Technology: WCA Inter Global provides the top forwarding and logistics applications such as Shipment Management online track-and-trace system, CostAid and more.

Weekly broadcasts: With WCA Inter Global weekly broadcasts and roster, members are updated on all new events or regulations at all times and also possess the most up-to-date contact information on fellow WCA Inter Global members.

WCA Risk Management Program: WCA Inter Global members are entitled to this exclusive program, developed to provide security and financial protection by offering reliable and comprehensive solutions, including insurance programs at reasonable cost.

Member-to-member payments program: Partner Pay is the innovative payment program - exclusively for WCA members - that enables companies to transfer payments to other members online, in real time, at a fraction of the cost of conventional bank transfers. Every WCA member can use Partner Pay, there is no "sign-up" fee and the system is completely confidential and secure.

Other Services: WCA Inter Global also provides other services such as data input, recruitment, consulting, brochure design and printing, and much more.

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